Sunday 28/6/2023

Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz

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Jake Paul


Nate Diaz

Betting on Boxing Online

Here at Sports Bets IN we offer the best odds and betting markets when it comes to betting on boxing in the India. Betting on boxing events has a rich history that dates back to the sport’s earliest. In fact, betting was one of the key reasons as to why the sport became so popular in the late 90’s and early 20th century. Although, the actual outcomes and eventual winners were once subject to personal opinions, the sports is now heavily regulated and more formalized.

Today, boxing betting is a popular pastime across the world and major title fights draw in billions in terms of wagers. To experience boxing betting at its best, signup and log in to Sports Bets PH today!

Popular Boxing Betting Markets

Prior to betting on boxing events, you’ll need to have a clear understanding of the various markets available to you. Having a clear idea of each market can help you make use of each market and thereby make more informed decisions. Listed below are some of the most popular boxing betting markets:


Here, you are simply required to pick an eventual match winner. The favorite for the fight will usually have a lower odd when compared to the underdog.

Round Betting

As suggested by its name, in this type of betting market, you will simply need to pick on which round the fight will end. The odds for each round can vary based on performance of the boxers in the previous rounds.

Method of Victory

Here you will need to choose how the fight will end. Whether it will be a knockout, technical knockout, decision, or any other means. Again, the odds for each method of victory can change based on how the fight is progressing.

Over/Under Rounds

In this type of market, you can bet on which round the fight will finish. For example, if you think the fight will end in the 6th round, you can bet under 6.5 to pick up the win. This is a highly popular boxing betting market in the India.

Total Rounds

Like the other round-based boxing betting markets, here is the punter can bet on which round he thinks the fight will finish.

Boxing Betting Tips

Having a solid strategy can enhance your chances of placing a winning boxing bet. Even if you feel like you’ve got the winning bet on paper, you should approach betting with discipline in mind. Listed are a few useful tips to help you bet better on boxing events.

  • Do thorough research about both boxers such as their current record, previous opponents, and their fighting style.
  • Consider the odds-on offer, sometimes betting on the underdog can be a more fruitful choice.
  • Make use of a betting odds calculator.
  • Do not bet more than you can.

Develop a strategy and stick to it, do not bet emotionally.