Tuesday 30/5/2023

Dallas Stars vs Vegas Golden Knights

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Dallas Stars


Vegas Golden Knights

Ice Hockey Sports Betting India

Whether it be the NHL, Kontinental Hockey League, British Elite League (EIHL), or even the Swedish Elitserien League, Sports Bets IN is your go-to destination for Ice Hockey betting in the India. Not only do we offer the best betting lines possible, but we also offer in-depth ice hockey betting tips and guides. Sign up with a Sports Bets IN affiliate today and get up to 100% welcome bonus.

What You Need to Know About Horse Racing Odds

Horsing racing odds are set by individual bookmakers based on the probability for a certain in-game event to occur. When it comes to horse racing, depending on the bookmaker of your choice, you may find odds being listed in either decimal, fractional, or American formats. Within the India most bookmakers represent the odds in the decimal format.

The favorite for any given race will always have lower odds than the favorite. The odds can change leading up to the event based on who the individual punters are backing for the race. Some of the most popular horse bet types include – win, place, show, exacta, trifecta, among others. Also, be sure to check the potential winnings against your stake by using a betting calculator.

NHL Regular Season

Starting from October each year and running through to April, a National Hockey League season consists of 82 matches per team. During each game, punters can bet on markets such as outright winner, over/under goals, and even handicap betting. Do a thorough of each team and their form coming into each game prior to placing a bet.

IIHF World Championship

The IIH WC is arguably the most prestigious ice hockey event in the globe. The tournament features 16 team from across the world and offer a wide variety of betting options for punters. Some of the popular betting markets includes match betting, tournament winner, and goal totals.

Winter Olympics

The winter Olympics occurs once every four years and hosts some of the best ice hockey teams during the tournament. Featuring 12 teams in total, during the tournament punters can wager on several betting markets including tournament winners, match results, and individual player awards.

Stanley Cup Playoffs

This knock-out style tournament is the pinnacle of the regular NHL season and features the top 16 teams from regular season. Some of the popular betting markets includes series winners, match results, and individual player awards

Understanding In-Play Ice Hockey Betting

Within in-play betting, you can place live bets on ice hockey events, as and when it happens. In-play ice hockey betting can not only provide more lucrative opportunities to make money, but it also heightens the overall experience while viewing the game. Some of the most popular in-play ice hockey betting markets includes – moneyline, over/under goals, and next goal scorer.

To be successful with in-play, you’ll need to have a strategy which is completely different to the one you have for pre-match betting. Punters must follow the game closely, should strive to act based on momentum swings, and use the cash out when appropriate. If you are new to in-play, we recommend that you start off with small bets and gradually move your way up to bigger pot sizes.

How to Bet on Ice Hockey

If you are someone who is new to the sport, it may seem daunting on how to get started with ice hockey betting. Apart from being aware of the ice hockey betting markets, you’ll need to build a strategy that is supported by proper research and money management criterions. Listed are some tips that may help you bet on ice hockey games.

1. Don’t put in a large bet amount if you are not aware of the sport and do not have a strategy in play. Betting smaller amounts can help you slowly grasp the concept.
2. Only bet on market that you thoroughly understand. If you are not confident about any bet, simply avoid it.
3. Never be fully dependent on a single sportsbook. The odds offered on a game can vary between bookmakers and as such, you should check for all your available options in this regard.