Tennis : Coming UP

Monday 29th June 2023

Edouard Villoslada vs Benjamin Martin

Market | 12:15 pm >

Edouard Villoslada


Benjamin Martin

Online Tennis Betting India

Betting on Tennis in the India is an exciting way to enjoy the sport while making some money as well. Prior to placing a bet with any random sportsbook, Indian players should take the time to identify a reputed sportsbook that caters to their preferences. Additionally, they should learn about the available tennis betting markets and how tennis betting odds are determined. Here at Sports Bets IN , we help our readers remain informed and knowledgeable while tennis games and tournaments.

Understanding Tennis Betting Odds

For someone who is new to sports betting, tennis betting odds can seem confusing at first. However, you’ll need to understand how these odds work to make calculated and informed decisions. When it comes to decimal odds, if the odds offer is 1.75, that means a winning bet could potentially earn 1.75X times your initial bet amount. Fractional odds, for example – 5/1 indicate that you could win up to 5X times the initial bet amount. Lastly, American odds, also known as money line odds, indicate how much you need to wager to win 100$ or how much a 100$ bet can fetch you if you win.

Most sportsbooks in the India, offer their odds in decimal format, and as such Indian players need to familiarize themselves which such odds.

Different Types of Tennis Bets

When it comes to tennis betting, there is a wide variety of betting markets that one can choose from. Listed below are some of the most popular tennis betting markets:

  • Match Winner: Predict the eventual match winner.
  • Set Winner: Predict the individual set winners.
  • Point Spread: Here the favorite for the game is given a handicap so that the odds even out.
  • Over/Under: Here the punter can wager on what will be the total number of sets in the game.
  • Live Betting: Punters can place a bet, as and when the game is happening live.